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Thamarai Selvan 3 Reviews
Kind of different experience with environment and food was also good

If you are foodie and lookin for a different experience then try this Cute puppies at entrance will make you awwwwww look . If you have girl friend , try this restaurant. Again they will fall for you Next about dishes , as i said if you are hungry and lookin for place this is not the one If you are lookin for new style of food and varieties then you can find a lot at twitsty tails. You may not understand the menu's but will remember the taste Still i am thinking what i had last time Try this if you are lookin for a new experience.

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Thamarai Selvan 3 Reviews
It was good

Last Saturday we had dinner at Amelie's and the experience was good. Interior was good and environment also nice. Next food quality and quantity, quality was good and quantity will be enough for a person. We had tender chicken fry, bbq chicken wings, veg pasta with pink sause and non veg pasta with green sause flat bread. Tender chicken was so good and others also tastes good only. Price of each dish is moderate. Restaurant is mainly for desserts. You will like it. To avoid waiting better book before you go. Finally you can try if you like Italian and European food

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Thamarai Selvan 3 Reviews
It was quite different experience we had

We went for a birthday treat based on online review. Ordered honey chicken and crab taco which was yummy and didn't have anywhere before. It's bit of Asian cuisine so people who likes Asian much can prefer this resaurant. Place is also good with valet parking

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