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How to .. ?

1. Like any other network you can search the best places on the go in DhoParra. You can surf places by typing on what you are looking for in search box.

2. If you like to surf places by category then you can use category option. We have 3 categories in our network. Eateries – Best places suggested by you to have food and beverages. Fun – Best places suggested by you to get entertained by youself by involving in some activity. Peace – Best places suggested by you, which are high of historical importance.

3. You can also surf places by location. If you want to search for a particular locality. Enter your location name in search bar or you can just click on the location which is displayed in the place info.

1. Click on Add Place button which is present on top right corner of the page.

2. Enter name of the place and what to look for in that place.

3. Enter the locality where the place is located.

4. Select category of your place (ie Eateries, Fun, Peace)

5. Select place feature. We have provided you a list of features, from that list you can select the features which is available at your place.

6. Price Range – Select price range from Drop down for the place. Enter price from and price to in the field provided.

7. Describe your place – Add 3 to 4 lines about your experience of the place. Tell people why they have to visit your place.

8. Upload images – Upload images of the place, If the image size is more than 2 MB, then after hitting save and preview button it will take some more time to get submitted. We recommend you to add images which is less than 1 mb of size.

After you hit submit and preview button, your place will get submitted for  and you will get navigated to preview page, there you can edit if you find anything to be edited.

Maximize your chance of earning rewards by following these steps

1. Submit the best place you have been to by clicking on Add Place button
2. Provide accurate details of the place while submitting. Like accurate map location, address, what to look for, price range etc.
3. Avoid duplication of the place by using search option in DhoParra to make sure that the place have not been posted earlier by someone.
4. Provide at least 3 picture of the place to increase your chance in earning rewards. Please make sure that the pictures of the place is less than 2 mb of size.
5. Do like and follow our page in facebook, twitter and instagram.


If you submit consecutive places with accurate details in DhoParra, then you will receive your reward.

1. Once you have been selected for rewards. You will receive a mail from us.

2. Also you will be featured on our social media pages.

3. Rewards will be delivered either to your mail box or to your social media inbox like facebook or twitter or Instagram.