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Amelie’s Cafe

Smoothies, pasteries, tandoori, European cusine

4.5/52 Reviews

Amelie’s Cafe, One beautiful place for a casual meet up or brunch.it has beautiful interiors in Vintage style.they have a beautiful Wall art in which the Pages of a story book had been pasted and painting had been done over it.so you can click beautiful pictures over here. They have a wide variety of smoothies. From which you can choose your flavor. They also have a wide variety of pastries.all those pastries and desserts grab our eyes instantly.

It is very spacious, so you don’t have to wait for a table. It was started in Paris, France earlier by miss Amelie. The quality of food is little less over here, but the taste is very delicious.

Its famous for it’s colorful cones of different sprinkles. They prepare food in continental style and the plating of the food is also very professional and attractive.you ll get grilled, Chinese, and Many more.it has both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

They also have a beautiful and different service over there.they ll give you a postal card to write message for your Loved ones And they ll Post it for you.

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2 Reviews for Amelie’s Cafe

My Gobble Tales 10 Reviews
Addicted to this place & Food

Located inside a charming Bunglow with ample amount of Seating at the heart of the city, Alwarpet, is definitely a gem of a place. Ambience : To Two words to describe the Ambience would be : Calm & Serene! Painted in beautiful pastel colours, every room uniquely decorated in its own way, a huge showcase that had lot of antique items that not only take you back to the 90’s but to the 80’s. The entire place gives a posh English café look that makes it perfect for any occasion/ any meal. Ice cream craving? They’ve got THE BEST Ice creams in the city! Just stopped by for a Hot Coffee, Oh yes Amelie’s got you! Dinner Date? PERFECT is the Word! Drinks : 🔸Green Apple Mint Margarita : Served in a Pretty Margarita Glass, loaded with frozen frosty green apple crushed ice and Mint was indeed refreshing! 🔸Shangri – La : All those Non Alchoholic Wine Lovers, this one is for you! Their In house made Red Wine blended with Apple, Cherry, Orange Pear with Thin Slices of apple float. 🔸Blue Breeze : Lemonade, also the menu mentions Blue Curacao but Lemonade is what I tasted. 🔸Shirley Temple : Yes, They call it Shirley Temple – Pomegranate Based Mocktail, but again, Lemonade is what I tasted apart from the pink colour 🔸Fun on the Beach : Well, doesn’t the name itself excite you? Look at the perfectly done layers! This is what I call PERFECTION! This Mocktail is definitely a Treat for the eyes! 🔸Basil Orange Mojito : Exactly how they have named it. Blend of Basil, Orange flavoured refreshing mojito! 🔸Belgian Hot Chocolate : I am one of those rare mutated gene hooman who does not actually like Belgian Chocolate, so this was too bitter for me but my friends loved it tho! 🔸Mississippi Mud Pie : Layers and Layers and Layers of Happiness. So the Layers had Cookie Crumbs, Whipped Cream, Dark Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla and that’s enough to make me happy. Soups : 🔸Chicken Tortilla Soup : I’m a sucker for Good Soup and given an option I’d choose Soups over any other drink. So this Tomato Chicken soup served with tortillas chips is definitely the ONE to warm you on a cold weather. 🔸Wild Mushroom Cappuccino : This edible Fungi Soup, so rich and so creamy is a glam up to start your meal. Appetizers: 🔸Nachos : The usual Nachos is what I thought but the toppings made it a Top Notch – Jalapeno Cheese Sauce, Salsa, Sour Cream. Doesn’t it sound like a real Combo 🔸Corn & Cheddar Quesadilla : This humble quesadilla is a snack that will satisfy any hungry tummy. The combination of Cheddar cheese & corn inside the thin slice of Quesadilla was to perfection 🔸Mezze Platter : A platter for 238/- bucks that had Assorted Pita Bread, Falafel, Hummus served with 4 different dip. For the price & quantity, this dish is of great VFM 🔸Jalapeno & Cheddar Pops : Cheeeeeeeeesy Fried Pops served with Spicy Mayo Dip and Salad 🔸Amelie’s Fried Chicken : Having the name, ‘Amelie’s’ – my expectation was the appetizer to be a Signature dish but it matched to any friend chicken. Nicely Cooked Tender Meat with finger licking flavours 🔸Cornflakes Crusted Chicken Tenders : If you are reading this, every single detail of every dish so patiently, DO NOT miss to order Cornflakes Crusted Chicken Tenders. Scrumptiously Delicious is the Word. Priced at 178/- with great VFM & to leave you smacking your lip. 🔸Jerk Grilled Chicken : Dry Pieces of tender chicken with not too much of sauce, served with potato wedges and salad. Note that we had to order this once again. Need I say more? 🔸Chicken Bao : The Bao Bun could have been more light and spongy but the Chicken filling totally made up for it 🔸Chicken BBQ Flatbread : When in 0 mood to have Pizzas, Flatbread to the rescue. We spent almost ½ hour to click pictures (just food blogger things) so probably it made the Flatbread too chewy 🔸Paris Sandwich : Matching its unique name, the filling is also equally Exquisite. Minced Chicken with Apple, Cinnamon & Honey. A great combination but it was a little weird to my tongue. Main Course: 🔸Penne Arrabbiata : Surprising to see such Delectable dishes at reasonable price. So, Tomato Based Penne Pasta priced at 188/- with ample quantity could have been the best if the Tomato flavor was not overpowering. 🔸Spaghetti Bolognese : Bolognese Sauce – Initially gives you the tangy flavor but as it goes down your throat, the flavor of meat is just more than sauce. The dish on a whole felt tangy, salty, a mix of two extreme flavours overpowering each other. 🔸Rice & Thai Red Curry : If you had read my previous reviews / blog, I’m a sucker for anything coconut! A tinch of coconut is enough to get me satisfied with the meal. This coconut milk infused Thai Red Curry literally is Heavely. 🔸Chicken Parmgiana : Tomato Sauce Spaghetti served with Parmesan Cheese loaded Crumb Fried Chicken. The Crumb Fried Chicken got over in like seconds. Crispy, Tender and Flavourful 🔸Grilled Chicken Breast : Grilled Chicken Breast by itself or added on with Pasta or salad is satisfying. So our dish was accompanied with salad and mashed potatoes. The meat was Grilled to perfection topped with White Mushroom Sauce. Pastries: We all know Amelie’s for its Exquisite & Heavenly In house Made Ice creams & Pastries. Without a doubt, they have THE BEST Dessert section & vast varieties to choose from. 🔸Trio Pastry : Triple layered Pastry – Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate & Dark Chocolate layers on a thick cookie crumb base tops my Favorite list 🔸Belgian Dark Chocolate : Well, not a Dark Chocolate person at all. So if you also have one of those rare mutated gene who does’nt actually like Belgian Chocolate, you might find this a bit bitter. But my friendly literally licked the plate clean! 🔸Raspberry & Vanilla: Raspberry + Vanilla = Lip Smacking Good! Such a perfect light dessert – Creamy & Delicious! Ice creams: 🔸Mini Ice Cream Sticks : Strawberry, Lemon & Caramel : Look at the Picture! The “too pretty to eat” type of Ice cream! 🔸Lastly, “HURRICANE 8” – THE SHOW STOPPER! 8 scoops of bliss in a huge bowl topped with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Caramel Syrup, Gems, Sugar Balls and all things Good!

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Thamarai Selvan 3 Reviews
It was good

Last Saturday we had dinner at Amelie’s and the experience was good. Interior was good and environment also nice. Next food quality and quantity, quality was good and quantity will be enough for a person. We had
tender chicken fry, bbq chicken wings, veg pasta with pink sause and non veg pasta with green sause flat bread. Tender chicken was so good and others also tastes good only. Price of each dish is moderate. Restaurant is mainly for desserts. You will like it. To avoid waiting better book before you go. Finally you can try if you like Italian and European food

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