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Pan Asian Delicacies - Tom Yum Prawn Soup, Khao Phad Sapparot, Phak Vollappa

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Yin Dee – That’s ‘welcome’ to one of the finest Thai restaurants in the country, a proud initiative of OCPL. True Thai cuisine flavoured with our chef’s own creativity. A rare combination of authentic recipes and piquant seasonings with fresh local produce and choice seafood and meats that results in a galaxy of irresistible dishes, from the pleasantly mild to the intensely spicy.

Known for its aromas and heady use of spices, Thai cuisine has found a strong foothold in terms of a customer base in the country. And why not? With its delicate balance of flavours and a strong emphasis on taste, Thai cuisine not only tickles your taste buds but also pleases your palate. The right balance of flavours, the perfect texture, authentic ingredients and only the best chefs who prepare every dish with expert ease. From the ubiquitous soups, stir-fries, satays and curries to exotic dishes, there is something to please everybody’s palate at Benjarong.