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Burgers, Brownie Shake

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Burgerman is bigger than ever after opening up a giant size outlet at Besant Nagar last year. Burgerman has its own USP and constantly works and keeps up on their motto. All the burgers are junk free. The buns were made in house with due care and added health benefits. The patties are also not fried, and they are just grilled. Due to less oil content, you won’t feel filled even after having one full burger. The Fries and nachos are put into an additional process to extract out most of the absorbed oil from it.

The pink lemonade refreshes you from the hot Chennai weather and guess what? The lemonade is pink not because of added color but they add an extract of beetroot. The brownie shake is a delight for chocolate lovers. Innovation is taken to the peak in burgerman. You will be handed over an electronic device after the bill is generated, and this device starts vibrating when your order is ready.

The newly launched ice creams in four different flavors is something to be watched out. Beware, its hard to complete even one cup. All of them are incorporated without using any artificial flavors or colors. They serve a wide range of Vegetarian burgers and non vegetarian burgers. You never run out of options in burgerman. They also have a combo offer for INR 225 where you can get a drink and a burger (only from 2pm to 5pm). And what’s more? They also have live screenings of important sporting events.

Located very close to Besant Nagar Beach, it might be a problem for a segment of people to travel all the way. To curb this problem, they will soon be opening one more branch in Nungambakkam to help out the crowd in central Chennai and other parts.

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Hunger Fills 1 Reviews
A Beachful , Serene Experience

Situated near the legendary bessy beach , which is already a breezy hub for foodies , this burger store serves you one of the best burgers and other quick bites along with a souful experience ❤️ Go alone yet you won’t feel lonely here… Grab a burger , walk to the beach and let the breeze meet ua skin and let the burger meet your tongue and you will surely meet bliss 💞

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