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Cafe 23

Pizza, Pasta, Fries

5.0/51 Reviews

Time with family? Going on a date? Or just chilling with friends? Well this cafe is totally perfect for a nice calm evening to chill. It’s a shop on the main road which has an extension on the inside that leads to an open area which also acts as a smoking zone.

The ambiance is cool with gentle music in the background. The lighting is perfect and the outdoor is unique.

The service was good although it could have been better given that we went on a Saturday and even though the place hardly had any crowd the cafe did not seem to have a few dishes. But the waiting time was minimal.

Now coming to the food😋
The order was :
Dusted cheddar nuggets. 180/-
Sharing dips. 220/-
Four cheese pizza. 370/-
Chilli and garlic arabiatta. 260/-
Twin berry iced tea. 140/-

Spicy Mexican chilli n cheese bites with tangy salsa ..the name speaks for itself, totally dusted with powdered cheddar😍 A mix of crispy crusts and a soft filling, cheesy enough to leave u asking for more!

The sharing dips is nothing but set of Mexican nachos, fried pita chips and cheese papdi with a trio of chilli and tomato salsa, spicy hummus and cheese aioli. This was really tasty 😍😍

By the way, if you always dream of cheese, you must have their four cheese pizza – a mix of cheddar, mozzarella, Gouda and feta cheese. A lipsmacker without a doubt.🔥😍

That arabiatta is a must try guys😍 it’s super delicious. Although I was served with Penne because they didn’t have the spaghetti which I had asked for, the dish was truly mouthwatering. But the olives could have been a little more.

And finally the twin berry iced tea- just refreshing❤ the jar that it was served in takes it to a whole new level🔥

On the while it was a nice evening and it was filling 😋 but this place is a wee bit expensive.💰

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My Gobble Tales 10 Reviews
Place for a Royal & Pocket Friendly Eatery

❇️ Ambience : A Picturesque Place with Royal Indoor and Vibrant Outdoor seating✨ 👨‍🍳 Service & Food : Quick, Friendly & Courteous Service 👨‍🍳 We ordered : Double Loaded Cheddar Fries : Filling and Overloaded with Cheddar Cheese 🧀 Mint & Mango Smoothie : Refreshing Thick Shake 🍹 Creamy Alfredo & Mushroom Pasta : Creamiest Pasta with limited pieces of Mushroom 😐🍄 Magizhchi : Attracted by its name, we packed the Cafe 23 Special Burger aka Magizhchi : Spicy, Double Layered, Very much Filling Burger 🍔 💰VFM : 4/5 ; Costed 876/- for 4 dishes! Quantity and Quality : 5/5 💸

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