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Chai Xpress

Milagini Chai

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Enjoy a cup of relaxing tea to take a moment away from your busy day to indulge in scrumptious delights.
Here at Chai Xpress you’ ll find new, exciting and undiscovered refreshments varied from Milk Chai, Black Chai, Herbal Chai, Cold Shakes, Thick Shakes,and Ice Chai, and snacks.
Offering wide variety of Chai, Shakes and snacks including Sulaimani Chai, Lemon Chai, Ginger Lemon, Dum Chai, Masala Chai, Tulsi Chai, Ginger Chai, Classic Chai, Green Chai, Tulsi Chai, Hibiscus Chai, Strawberry Shake, Mango Shake, Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Shake, Blueberry Shake,Ice Chai, snacks, ice cream, Maggi