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Choki Dhani

Rajasthani look-alike Village with more events

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There are two types of people based on spending a weekend. 1. Enjoys rush, mass, loud sounds and shout like the world can hear your voice. 2. Calm, secluded peace walk, pleasant music and of course away from the internet. The former one might sound lively and exuberant but the latter is essentially required to make the life even-textured. The Rajasthani songs, huts, lighting, Ghagra dance, magic, puppet shows, maze, treasure hunting and almost 25-30 things to do which would make you feel as though you have really been to a Rajasthan village. The slow and shaky camel ride in a Rajasthan look-alike desert is a must try among st plenty. If you think these things are pleasant, there are much sweeter dinner waiting as they serve a pure veg dinner with main side dish as ghee and sugar, their hospitality needs a special mention. Beautiful it looks when the sunlight goes off and the lighting comes ineffective for late evening photo shoots which are opened from 4 to 11 p.m everyday. It’s a little long drive from the city (avoid 2 wheeler) .