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Desi Klub

Pani Puri shots, Vada Pav, Indian flavours with a twist

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Desi Klub, covers an array of traditional Indian flavours blended in all sorts of exciting permutations and combinations, all at pocket friendly prices. Desi Klub restaurant is decked in a quintessential Bambaiyya style with a lovely vibe that’s colorful and enhances the city’s bustling life. Desi Klub floats on the trend wave. Spreading its wings across Mumbai, Desi Klub is happy to announce the launch of its newly opened outlet in Hyderabad! Desi Klub can be described as the one must do, restaurant that should be on every visitor’s list to experience the magic of Mumbai and Hyderabad’s street food minus the chaos, or a fine recreation of our much loved city’s for its many diverse citizens; or yet again it can be summed up as a perfect blend of the three ingredients that make our cities great and exceptional food, quirky culture and traditional flavours with a new age twist.