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Dhenupureeswarar Temple

Lord shiva and 1000 + years old temple

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Shree Dhenupurisvarar (SHIVA) temple in madambakkam was built during the reign of parantaka chola-II alias sundara chola (A.D.954-971) and his minister Aniruddha brahmadhirajan in the tenth century. Later, the temple may have been consolidated with stones during the reign of ulakuyavanda kulottunga cola-I.

The sanctum or garbhagriha of this temple, in the shape of gajaprishta (Back of a sleeping elephant) is a special characteristic feature of this temple. Ardha-Mandapam and the Mukha-Mandapam with exquisitely carved sculptures especially the stone pillars, reflect the rich heritage of culture and divinity.

According to legends associated with this temple, sage kapila worshiped lord shiva with his left hand, he was born at this place as kapila pasu (Cow\thenu) and got exonerated from his sin. Renowned saint arunagirinathar of fifteenth century has compositions of this temple in his thirupugazh. The main festival of this temple is “Panguni Uttiram” which is celebrated annually for 3 days with great pomp in this temple.

Important festival in here is  Pradosha, Panguni Uttiram, Navarathri