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Freeing India

Prison Chaos, Lost Chamber, Mirror of Love

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Freeing India entertains from the word go and is inquisitively engaging. Firstly about the location, next to MOP Vaishnav College in Nungambakkam, situated underground of the Ispahani Centre – A compact yet rush-free mall. Secondly, about the innovative thought, first of its kind, real life-escape game in India. We got this idea from Hong Kong (named freeing hk there) and implemented with little changes here in Chennai, which instantly got us a massive response, said one of the senior member of their team. The rules are simple, there are five small (more to come), dark rooms (not scary though), your team gets locked in any one of the room and within 45 minutes of time with the help of clues, which certainly requires some wit, you have to get unlocked. Sometimes it is required to even sit, jump and crawl on the floor….