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Cheese Themed Restaurant

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A place dedicated to Cheese is something that will excite every food lovers, so comes FROMAGE meaning fresh soft Cheese. Located in Somerset serviced apartment near Santhome, the ambience is mostly dominated by light yellow color which again indicates cheese added to blue walls and white tables. BROCCOLI and CREAM CHEESE SOUP served in a bread bowl had everything in it for health, carbohydrates, fat and also fills your stomach like a starter does.

Fromage introduced PARMESAN WHEEL to Chennai, where pasta after cooking heated with a blowtorch inside the wheel to get the cheese mixed properly. Both Veg and Non Veg variants are there in this Pasta, worth for its different making. BACON wrapped CHICKEN, PORK RIBS, BEEF FRIES are other must try dishes here. They also have few imported beers & wines. So when you go to Fromage, have some lip smacking dishes with a glass of JACOB’S CREEK RED wine, after all not everyday you go to a Cheese Themed Restaurant.

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Cheesiest Restaurant in the City

My Love Affair with Cheese Fromage – Meaning Cheese in French, This restaurant holds its Continental Cuisine up high by Chef Kaushik (aka The Mad Chef) & his team. The restaurant is Located at the Ground Floor of Somerset Towers. As soon as you enter, you get the posh Europian Restaurant Feel. Walls painted in bright shades of Blue and Yellow (My personal Favourite Combination because MINIONNNNSS love forever :P) , Cool Photo Frames on the Walls and Welcoming Staffs. We’ve all heard about Cheese Burst Pizza, Feta Cheese, Cheddar and Mozarella Varieties! This place serves Varieties of Cheese which we’ve only heard or read about! 90% of their Menu is Cheese Blended and oh! the Parmesan Cheese Wheel Pasta Videos that has been on fire circulating over the Social Media and the 24 Layered Chocolate Cake Brag – Worth it! To start with, “Garlic Bread was complimentary and was served with 4 dips : 1. Spicy Mayo 2. Picante 3. Honey Mustard 4. Sour Cream “ Broccoli & Cheddar Soup : To those “not a beverage” person like me, Soups are our Best Friend, aren’t they? The Broccoli & Cheddar Soup was served in a bread bowl (similar to a Bunny Chow) and had the lengthiest cheese pull I’ve had until date! (Vlog Below) The flavours of Broccoli, Herbs & Cheese were off the scale. “Nachos Mexican : I’m someone who picks Popcorn over Nachos. But hands down to the Giant Mexican Nachos in the City. They make their own Nachos and serve it with veggies, sour cream and cheese sauce. “Phyllo Pastry Parcels : Crispy triangle shaped starters filled with Onion and Goat Cheese. Goat Cheese, unlike Cow Cheese has lesser lactose, lower sodium, and has easy to digest fats. You don’t have to worry about Calories 😛 “Beef Roulade : Beef Rolls Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese! Ricotta Cheese has got the highest amount of protein content! So the beef roll + ricotta cheese + spinach = Incredible! Pork Ribs : Slow Cooked, Honey Coated Pork Ribs with Herbs and Spices, served with Fromage Special Sauce! I felt the Meat was tough and hey, this was one of the very few dishes that dint have any sign of cheese! “Fromage Signature Dish : “The Parmesan Cheese Wheel” A 2 year old Parmigiano Reggiano wheel where buttered pasta is put into the wheel and a blow torch is used to melt the cheese. This is definitely a ‘one of a kind’ visual and dining experience. You might feel the flavour is very bland initially, but it is THE perfect traditional Italian Pasta I’ve ever had. (Add On options are also available but we chose it to be the traditional way, served with a slice of Garlic Bread) “Pizza Pot Pie : A very Interesting Main Course Baked in a pot! Available only in Veg, Chicken and Beef (I really like the way how they’ve limited their menu presenting us the best of each dish). We had Chicken and Broccoli – The presentation was watch worthy (Vlog Attached) Broccoli was bland and Overloaded with Veggies & Cheese. On the other hand, Chicken was on the Spicier Side. “Death By Chocolate : Doesn’t the picture itself make you drool? The 12 layer of Gooey Chocolate Sponge and 12 Layer of Chocolate Ganache Cream is so addictive that makes you want more and more and more, also it is slightly on the pricier side. “Cheesecake Flan : Silky smooth, Creamy, Buttery, Velvety, and what not? FROMAGE : A Gem of a place for all those Cheese Lovers!

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Best pasta experience in Chennai

The ambiance and food is just great. Limited menu, but so exotic and authentic. Parmesan wheel pasta is such a eye candy. Service is pretty okayish though. Food is expensive but worth it

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