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Ganapathy Military Hotel

Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Prawn Curries

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Military hotels have their specialty for varieties of Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Prawn and so on. Located in a few km away from North Indian’s majority, this has plenty of varieties that even the shop which sells it in raw have many chances to miss out on something. To list down, there isn’t any part of that living being missed out here – Liver, kidney, brain .. (need to say more) ..?.

Parotta’s with Chicken gravy, Huge egg dosa with any side dish or even eat plain would taste great. Biryani is a separate delight by itself. The people are so so friendly. It’s that local but there are a lot many who knows the history of the place through their grand or great grandfather do come professionally. But isn’t changing ourselves for a place to experience all nook and corner do play an important part? The place is little crampy, sometimes untidy too but there are many star hotels where kitchen part is the same.