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Gossip Fusion Bistro

Chicken mushroom Stragonoff, Tender Coconut Mousse and Fusion foods with innovation

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Gossip fusion bistro, Straight into the food, just after complimentaries, 2 wonderful Soups to start off. In PUMPKIN & BROCCOLI,  tried tasting the thick Pumpkin one first, loved it so much, mixed with Broccoli, loved it even more. And it didn’t stop there as MELON, yes a creamy watermelon pieces loaded soup with fried PRAWNS, here I dipped the prawn into the cream & swallow it literally. Omg…never loved and  never written a complete paragraph in review about Soup.

The starters CHILLI BEEF had a taste of not a complete continental, not a completely Indian, the tangy sauce gave a nice flavor. PRAWN OLIVETTI made in olive oil with a lots of olives, tasted unique. MUTTON SHEEK KEBAB skewered tender pieces with a curd like dip was good.

Main Course, SURE SHOT PIE done in tart loaded with Cheese and would’ve loved if with Chicken since  got that domination of the vegetables. The next one CHICKEN MUSHROOM STRAGONOFF satisfied me completely, loved the Mushrooms pairing it with the sauce & Cheesy macroons, best of the dish for me. COFFEE MUTTON is done with a little bit of filter coffee added to the sauce, mutton pieces soaked into it and served with Mashed potato, don’t expect coffee to be on higher side but the taste definitely is.

Desserts : TENDER COCONUT MOUSSE with Water Chestnuts is itself an innovation to me, they go one step ahead and add Caramel sauce to it, there comes the best. Wow. CHOCO DOME with Vanilla Ice cream inside, chocolate drooling onto that, another love love. TRES LECHES is strictly for sweet tooth lovers with three types of milk is added to a Vanilla Sponge cake with Fruits.

GOSSIP is love. ❤️