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The Hideout Bistro

Breakfast Sliders, Steak Tournedos, Banana Pancakes

4.0/51 Reviews

A fun and cool Bistro to hang out with friends and family over good food and mock-tails. Do look out for the change in their drinks menu every month!

The hide out provides an dining experience in an contemporary rustic ambiance with our carefully curated continental comfort food.

1 Review for The Hideout Bistro

Joey 2 Reviews
Exotic Eats😍😊

What⁉️ : HOB Chicken☘Cheesy Enough🧀❤☘England’s Favourite☘Hideout Chicken Tocadero☘Aglio Olio☘Creamy Basil and Brocolli Pasta☘Choco Chip Pancake☘Classic Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake🍶💃🏻 Ambience: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The best place to hangout with friends, offering customers a cozy indoor and outdoor seating❤💯aesthetic interior with perfect lighting for foodies to click away amazing pictures😜📸They also have a set of board games to keep us engaged until our food arrives🎲👌🏼 Food: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ HOB Chicken : Tender Chicken Pieces coated with spicy peri peri seasonsing, fried to perfection👌🏼served with a herb sauce that perfectly balances the spiciness from the Chicken🍗this is best way to start your meal, truely finger licking good🖐🏼👅👍😜 Cheesy Enough : Nachos served with Spicy Jalapeño cheese dip🌽🧀🌶True to it’s name it sure was a cheesy affair😜For all the cheese lovers out there this sure is a treat to your taste buds😍melt in your mouth cheese sauce with a dash of heat from the jalapeño was so yummy you would wanna lick the pan clean😜😅 England’s Favourite : It’s the famous Fish and Chips 🐟🍟Perfectly cooked fish marinated in the same peri peri spices and herbs as the HOB Chicken served with Crispy fries and Tartar Sauce which was really good. Except the texture the flavours were the same as the chicken dish. Hideout Chicken Tocadero : This dish got us drooling at first sight😳🍴What you expect when you dig into it is perfectly cooked succulent chicken but looks could be deceiving😕the chicken was overcooked and hard to eat if it wasn’t for the sauce we couldn’t have finished it, the filling was okay nothing to rave about since I didn’t get the flavours of the Ricatto in it🙃 The beetroot sauce on most dishes we ordered was Soo good😍😍😍though there’s only a little portion of it used to brighten up the plate😅 Aglio Olio : The best Aglio Olio in town👌🏼Perfectly cooked pasta with simple garnishing and subtle flavour of garlic. This can be your eveyday meal to since it’s light on your tummy and considering the health facts of garlic and olive oil💪🏼🍴 Creamy Basil and Brocolli Pasta : The creaminess of the sauce is pure bliss😇A rich main dish that strikes a balance between healthy broccoli’s and fatty cheese🧀😜perfectly cooked pasta mixed with rich healthy sauce served with toasted herb garlic bread❤💯 Choco Chip Pancake : Fluffy moist pancakes doused with chocolate syrup served with cold ice cream🍨the warmth from the freshly made pancakes paired with the cold ice cream will give you goosebumps for sure😍 Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake : Both where a perfect mix of flavours not to sweet, just the way I like it ❤💯 VFM: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💰 Range : 150 – 400 Ps : The ambience and quality of food here will surely keep you coming back for more; especially since the prices are reasonable than any other cafes in town💰🍴👌🏼

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