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Kapaleeshwarar Temple

7th Century Dravidian Architecture

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A Dravidian style of structure, mainly copied from the Vijayanagara style, though constructed post the Vijayanagara Empire’s rule.

Originally the main deity of the temple was Murugan, as evident by the dhwaja ( flag) that’s there in front of the Murugan temple. Then his father Shiva decided to relocate here from his temple which was near the sea shore, and now is the presiding deity of the temple, with a bigger dhwaja in front of his temple, along with his consort Karpagambal, a form of Parvati.

The complex has a sacred tree ‘ Punnai maram’ , of which there used to be an abundance in Mylapore once upon a time. It’s considered sacred, as all of its parts are useful in making Ayurvedic medicines. The kalashas we see on top of the gopuram are hollow inside and filled with rice and other grains . Originally, this was supposed to be the highest structure in a town , so as to absorb the impact if lightening strikes. The colors originally used to paint the gopurams used to all vegetable colors, and not the chemical bright colors like now.

At the entrance, one sees female figures on both sides, which are supposed to be representations of the sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna, in which one takes a symbolic bath and purifies oneself before entering the temple.

The religious and cultural epicenter of Chennai,

Mylapore is highly revered by the locals and tourists for the rich history and architectural marvels that line its narrow alleys and markets and is one of the oldest residential neighbourhood of the city. Home to a cluster of tree-lined avenues full of popular churches and the renowned Kapaleeswara Temple soaked in Dravidian architectural vibes, Mylapore is filled with small lanes with old-style homes, music auditoriums and stores selling music and religious memorabilia. The bazaars selling jewellery, fresh produce and flowers that surround the streets of this neighbourhood provide a colourful backdrop to the temple. Aimless strolls through the small lanes lead you to hidden corners of some mouth-watering south-Indian dishes served at local places like Maami’s mess, Jannal Kadai and Kaalathi Stall.

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An Epic temple

One of the oldest temple located in Chennai city. Used to get at most peace whenever been to this temple. You can plan to visit to the temple anytime as it is easily accessible from any part of the city.

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