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Kappa Chakka Kandhari

Kerala delicacies - Syrian Iraichi Fry, Karimeen Polichathu, Prawn Puttu, Pazham Pori

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Kappa Chakka Kandhari is a Kerala restaurant where Kappa is Kizhangu, Chakka is Jack Fruit and Kandhari means Chilli. Located at Nungambakkam their speciality of the menu is pretty unique, mostly the items which is difficult to find in other places. SYRIAN IRAICHI FRY which is beef fry with their traditional coconut flavor was really good. VATTAYAPPAM is similar to our idly with little bit of sweetness.

KARIMEEN POLICHATHU is a fish wrapped in banana leaves loaded with masala’s. Matta rice is famous in Kerala, here it is properly cooked that when had with KARIMEEN CURRY was delightful. There’s no Biriyani here, so PRAWN PUTTU where prawns stuffed inside puttu, little dry but very different. PAZHAM PORI is a sweet made out of nendhram pazham (Banana) just like our bajji is good. MORUM VELLAM was buttermilk with chilly & curry leaves. Kandhari ice cream is a chili in ice cream, bit spicy, good innovation though. Though it might not suit to everyone’s palate, they have done a good amount of research in the dishes to make this one not only authentic but also to make this relatively different from the other restaurant based on kerala cuisine.

Menu : http://kappachakkakandhari.com/menu