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Lloyd’s Tea House

Sulaimani Chai, Texas Fried Chicken, Lloyds Special Chilly cheese toast, Pesto Smoked chicken, Nutella pancakes, Thai Basil, Madras Curry Fish fry, rainbow cake.

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Lloyd’s Tea House – A place where you can bring in your family, friends, love and it’s super chill out here! It caters to all age groups. With the vintage and Continental touch, this Cafe is itself so natural and soothing that this would become your everyday hangout place! 😎 If you’re a book lover, then that’s it. 😄 You would never want to leave as there is a cute bookcase of books! 😉😄

Coming to the food, in one word, terrific! 😄Simply no words, veg and non veg. Reasonable pricing compared to the others in the market and better styling as well. The taste is fab and not too much of anything. The service is also good. One thing to be noticed is that the menu is not like the regular ones you’d come across ; the Lloyds team make sure that it stands out from the rest. 🙂Though there is a lot Continental options, the others are equally cool and yum. 🤩 A perfect chill after work and a weekend getaway! 😊😊✌🏿