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Banning Maggi would mean no MAGGEVALA. That’s right, this place is literally dedicated to all the Maggi lovers, with a twist😜. It’s located at Kodambakkam, on the main road. From the outside it looks like a small outlet but as they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover! They have a spacious seating and well it’s actually themed.

The ambiance is pretty good. Nice lightings and trending music in the background, good for a nice evening snack.
Although I should mention that the service wasn’t Upto the mark. We had to wait and wait and the waiter seemed to have actually disappeared. But finally we got to order.

Our order:

Fusion (pasta).
Mgg italiano (Maggi).
Jalapoño herbs (Maggi).

Sweet and spice works fine❤️.. but just sweet and hardly spice isn’t something delicious 🤔 this was called FUSION which was more sweet than any pasta I have ever tasted🙄(my opinion because I love spice, but a friend said the sweet wasn’t so bad). We had to add a lot of Chilli flakes to my sauce. But the penne was cooked well💯
Wasn’t one of the best I have tasted👎

The mgg italiano was a little sweet too😕 I never expected to taste such sweet Maggi. I don’t know what they added, but it definitely tasted sweet. I went with a friend who is fond of sweets so he did not mind but I really couldn’t appreciate it. Could have been better. And by then I had lost hope in that place.

But then their reputation saver was the Jalapoño Herbs Maggi which is their bestseller🔥 it was not too spicy but definitely better than the other two. It was really tasty and the Jalapoños did add to the taste ❤️

On the whole, it was a ‘sweet’ experience but it could have been better. Next time I am gonna order only things on the menu with a Chilli against its name😜😜