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Marina Kart Arena

ATV Racing

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Heart (hot) of the city .. Iconic semi-circles .. Along the coast of 13 km long beach .. – Marina Kart Arena gives you the thrilling, off-road ATV ride. Go karting is a sporting activity where you take your small four-wheeled vehicle for a bouncy ride along the track with laps. Since it is about driving a two or four stroke heavy noisy machine steadily at a good pace, people mainly back out because of the safety. That is being the main reason, the number of ATV ride is lesser than just the count of our fingers, especially in Chennai. They also conduct racing often. So, relax when you drive along the lanes near the lake with the mild air from the beach, goosebumps when you turn exactly near a bump missing it by a centimeter, Spine Chill when you shift the accelerator more when you are just seconds away from your target of completing lap and this has got everything like this which makes that five minutes to be remembered at least for five weeks before you go there the next time.