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Mehta Bros Mithai Wala

Vada Pav

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Mehta Bros Mithai Wala, Vada pav stall is seen in the busy streets of sowcarpet. You can see atmost crowd waiting for their Vada pav. The Vada pav is so fresh that they prepare then and there and get it served. They also do have other snacks say samosa, bread bhaji, kachori etc. You will start with one Vada pav and after finishing it you will ask for another one and it will continue. The stuffings include Vada which is made of smashed potatoes kept inside the pav spreaded with Vada pav powder. The Vada pav is served with half fried chilli makes it a perfect combination. The Vada is so soft and tasty and also the pav is so fresh. On the whole it is a perfect snack for your tea time.