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Petti Soru

Ghee Rice

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Petti Soru is a relatively new restaurant in town, started on 13th March 2019. Located on Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, Tambaram.  

The primary motivation behind Petti Soru is to safeguard and bring back the extincting and forgotten ancient tradition and food practices which is alarmingly fading as a consequences of modernization. In ancient days in Tamil Nadu food was packed in fresh or dried banana leaves, dried lotus leaves, stitched ashwattha lives, etc. and kept in boxes made from palm leaves for delivery and travel purposes. These healthy and Eco-friendly practices where taken over by so called modern packaging materials like plastic, aluminium, tin, etc. which are highly hazardous to human health. As a result of modern practices of cooking and packaging the natural properties of food like nutritional value, quality, taste and aroma of the food has drastically changed. Petti Soru is the action to bring back the lost and forgotten way of food preparation and consumption.

The secondary factor is to support the Eco-friendly activities and initiative from the government departments to eradicate plastic and other synthetic materials involved in food industry. And avoiding the use of fossil fuels and reducing the carbon footprints.