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Prems graama bhojanam

Traditional healthy organic foods

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It needs something extraordinary for a pure Non-Veg lover to try a Veg place, that too to eat an organic and a healthy Veg meal. But at the same time, people are becoming more health concerned making the restaurateurs concentrate on the nutritional value of the food and also to satisfy our taste buds. Bhojanam meaning food in Sanskrit, their Bhojanam with Sambar, Rasam, and Curd using Millets is a perfect Graama lunch while Thattu Idli, Red rice dosa, and Cholam Uthappam is a perfect city dinner.

Add Ashoka Alwa, Panagam (drink mixed with cardamom and pepper), Doja kulfi, and jeera water to that, it would take you to the taste of divinity. Everything here is natural, commonly used for decades, rarely seen these days. The type of millets they use – Banyard (Kuthiraivali), Little (Saamai), Finger (Kelveragu), the red rice, black rice, the usage of Green Gram (pachai payiru) and Davangere based dosa are all something our parents would cherish for. The pots they use, tumblers (sombu), dabara set among others deserves a special mention as well. Since the place reminiscences our old grandma’s house in a village with the crampy entrance, bright colored interiors yet old, the wooden benches, we get that attachment in our very first visit. Moreover, with the food being healthier, we can’t hesitate that repeated visits coming along. Give it a try once and this is going to be ‘favorite’ on your list forever. Bliss !