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Ratna Cafe is one among few restaurants where people like to have more side dish for a main dish. Confused ?. Here at Ratna cafe if you order an idli which comes in the number of 2. You can see waiter carrying a huge bowl of sambar for 2 idly. Once he reach to your table, He will pour the sambar over the idly to max. Quantity untill the idlies are completely submerged by sambar. The idly which is famous here is so soft that you don’t need to break it with your spoon. It just melts in your tongue. The main dish people look out here is sambar idly, sambar Vadai. Apart from these there are also dishes which includes dosa varieties and north indian dishes roti, chola puri etc. Being at Mylapore for the past 70 years, Ratna cafe stands tall over time.