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Soap Football

Football in a soapy sliding floor.

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The last time many of us played in a soap solution would have been to kick the soap or the mug and slipping off in a bathtub or on the bathroom floor. Some might have gone ahead crazily kicking the soap while taking a bath and slipping off on the floor – Just Childhood things.  Replace the mug with the football, aiming for a goal, the ‘Slip n Kick’ concept of ‘Soap Football’ started in Chennai comes alive.

Much popular in Middle Eastern Countries but not completely new to India, as Chennai is third after Bangalore and Mumbai to start this game. The field made up of polyester, defined by an inflatable edge and a soft-bedded floor, which makes it practically impossible for injuries.

Only 10 members can play at a time (5 in each team). Wrist-band, Arm pads, Knee pads, helmets and guards (optional) are all provided to avoid even a small injury. Set of dress and towel are the must carry and rules are very well explained before the start of this 1-hour long game.  

Stinking pads and dirty soap water in a corner of a field are a bit backlog in an otherwise worth for every single penny entertainment. So take any day if you are in the field, you just won’t keep standing at a place .. Slip, slide, roll, jump and pain ? — Yeah, you will get used to that, as well ! 😉