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The Dark Restaurant

The Darkness and the meal

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From some bright colorful restaurants, outdoor seating, rooftop, candle lit, Chennai’s food scene has gone an extra mile to launch an experience of dining in the complete dark where we explore our 4 senses – Taste, Smell, Touch, and Hearing, assuming our sight to be impaired. Taste of Darkness is a 26-seater restaurant where we enter as a small group holding the shoulders on a person in front of us and guided by a blind person (6 in total), who clearly knows the way even in that pitch dark. Moving inch by inch, TOUCHING the walls, tables and resting on to the seat is a bit of an achievement itself.

Since eyes tend to take a long time to get settled in, LISTENING to just dialogues around in that time provides justification to the title. The person brings the food in 3 small containers which reminiscences our childhood days of holding the lid and opening a tiffin carrier. Conversations galore as finding the name of food by SMELLING it takes a long time but that’s actually their idea on not signifying a name for the dish. Also on TASTING, we get to explore different textures, masala, especially in the gravy. For e.g. One Chicken / Paneer is little fried then immersed in gravy while another one is added on preparing itself, which can be identified only if we spend more time on chewing them. That eventually increases the taste of food and the quantity we acquire reduces considerably. A much-needed thing for the hour.

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