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Thyagaraja temple

7th century Dravidian architecture

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Thyagaraja temple at tiruvottiyur nothern part of Chennai is a temple dedicated to lord Shiva. Covering over 1 acre of land, the temple is similar to the temple at tiruvarur as both have same dancing pose of Shiva.


The temple was originally built by pallavas during 7 th century and later widely expanded by chola’s during 11 century. There were lot of incriptions written about the temple which can be seen inside the temple. One is that sankracharya – 8th century scholar is believed to have visited this temple and other inscription states that there were 64 bronze nayanmar statues were installed in the temple. Famous saints like pattinathar, topeswamigal, Ramalinga swamigal lived in tiruvottiyur and worshipped lord Thyagaraja. From the inscription it is evident that the temple is also the center of learning.

The name of the goddess at this temple is Vadivudaiamman alias Tripurasundari. The goddess is housed in a separate shrine inside the Temple complex. Other deities present in the temple include Thiruptheeswarar, Kuzhandhai Eesar, Jaganadhar, Annamalayar, Jambukeswarar, Nagalingar, Meenakshi, Sundareswarar, Sagasralingam, Amirthakandeesar, Gowrieeswarar, and Ekapaadhar. The twenty seven stars of Tamil calendar are believed to have worshiped Shiva in this temple.

The prime festival is performed in the Tamil month of Masi (February–March). Each year a 15-day festival is celebrated in honor of Durga Devi and on the last day, the thatch roof of the event is burnt to symbolize Kannagi burning Madurai at the end of the epic.