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Wild Tribe Ranch

Bungee Run, Paint ball, Jallikattu, ATV and more..

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Sports themed park are unusual in many metro cities in India, hardly not more than the count of our fingers. Though the idea officially is from abroad, Chennai’s Wild Tribe Ranch is the prestigious first-of-its-kind-experience. Special mention to the way tickets have been allocated according to the classification of all the genres, for e.g there is Bungee Run and Dare Devil Ramp for the adrenaline rushes, Bungee Soccer and Mad Riders for entertainment, Cool waters and Bullie the bull to slow down your pulses. Many would have come across activities like Parasailing, Bungee Jumping, Scuba diving or at least would have heard about it and kept it unticked in their bucket list. To all of those, Wild tribe is just the beginning to overcome the fear where heights and hurdles are explained in a more conventional way. So, if you want to explore all the wild activities in a single day that too with all the safety measures, RANCH is all yours.